Sunday, April 20, 2008

Orchids: Aren't they full of grace and elegance



Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers I have seen. It is so amazing when we think about the beautiful creation of God! This was an orchid , which I saw at whole foods and got it as a special gift for my friend who is a nature lover. Subhan Allah! it is so beautiful to see its bud bloom one by one. This is a picture whick I took last week. There are three more buds to bloom!
A little about Orchids:
The term 'orchid' derives from the Greek ορχις orchis, The word "orchis" was first used by Theophrastos (372/371 – 287/286 BC), in his book "De historia plantarum" (The natural history of plants). He was a student of Aristotle and is considered the father of botany and ecology.
Orchids are cosmopolitan in distribution, occurring in every habitat, except Antarctica and deserts. The great majority are to be found in the tropics, mostly Asia, South America and Central America. They are found above the Arctic Circle, in southern Patagonia and even on Macquarie Island, close to Antarctica.
Orchid Care tips:

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