Thursday, June 16, 2005

Book to Look for: Many Voices One Faith

As Salaam’Alaykum

Islam Writers Alliance is pleased to announce the publishing of our firstAnthology, Many Voices, One Faith. Seventeen authors and members of theIslamic Writers Alliance (IWA) contributed to creating this excitingAnthology:Many Voices, One Faith offers a unique window into the lives, thoughts andhearts of modern Muslim women. Many Voices, One Faith is an anthology ofpoetry, short fiction, non-fiction, and works for children written byMuslim women living in the West. At times poignant, at times humorous,sad, angry, joyful or grieving, the pieces in Many Voices, One Faith give aglimpse into the complex and multifaceted world of today’s Muslimah.

Ordering Information

Send an email with your name, mailing address, city, state, and zip code .
State how many books you want and specify paperback and/or hard cover.
$11.95 Paperback and $21.95 for Hard cover
In the USA: 1 book shipping charge is $2.95;
2-5 books shipping charge is$5.95
Shipping outside the USA: Cost will be determined by your mailing addressand you will be advised.
Send your email to woodad@...

Hardcover copies are available at: www.heliographica.comAvailable soon at

Payment Instructions:By PayPal to woodad@... orMail check or money order in USD, Pay to: Linda DelgadoIslamic Rose Books, P.O. Box 27362, Tempe, Arizona 85285 USA

The Islamic Writers Alliance is a group of Muslim women dedicated to writing about, presenting, and promoting positive Islamic fiction and nonfiction reading materials. Established in January 2004, the Islamic WritersAlliance has members at various stages in their writing careers, fromlittle known and talented authors on the path to publication, to newlypublished writers, to pros who have been publishing for decades. TheIslamic Writers Alliance is an inclusive group, including Muslim women fromall backgrounds, ethnicities, and theological bents. We also encouragewriters in all genres -- from poetry to science fiction to news reports.For more information about the Islamic Writers Alliance, please see ourwebsite:

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