Friday, June 17, 2005

Why I Chose the Pen

Wanting to write for a long time, never had the encouragement or support to express myself through the pen. But after witnessing and facing the oppression of women in the Muslim community in the name of Islam because of culture, society, and its people, I have finally gained the courage and support to guide the pen on the paper.

I see writing as a powerful tool, which allows the writer to voice out many issues. And through writing one is able to express their ideas, opinions, etc, etc. It is a tool that allows us to voice and condemn the evil in the society. Through writing we are able to reach people who we don’t meet.

InshaAllah, I hopes to bring focus to the evils and deficiencies in society, which has caused the oppression of women in the name of Islam.

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Anonymous said...

Mashallah. I think your article about the plight of women is great. It is fresh and honest. I have wanted to write about women in Islam for so long but can never get the words out just right. Thank you for caring.